Of the company

APOLOCORP company belonging to the JBLOGISTICORP group, specialized in the transportation of people and materials. We have a fleet of 3 boats of excellent quality, duly certified by Ferraby Marine - Panama. And a properly trained and constantly in-training work team to best serve our main clients, based on FIRST SAFETY.

Our services

They are backed by constant technological innovation and the development of new capabilities to provide a timely, fast and competitive response with prices to our customers.

  • Transfer of executives and representatives of Shipowners.
  • Transfer of personnel from the terminals and for mooring service.
  • Transfer of materials and provisions for national and international ships.


  • Guayaquil, City Office Building 7th floor office 719
  • Puerto de La Libertad, diagonal to the entrance to the SUINLI dock.

Fleet and Certificates

  • Galamar I
  • Alejandra
  • Alejandra II

Galamar I

Alejandra I

Alejandra II